3/05/2013 01:13:00 PM

Govind Armstrong and Brad Johnson Bring Willie Jane to Venice

The confusion over Abbot Kinney's Wolf in Sheep's Clothing has come to an end. The restaurant, which was loosely based on the WiSC pop-up concept that Hart and the Hunter's Kris Tominaga and (30 Under 30 winner) Brian Dunsmoor created, closed this weekend. But there's some pretty exciting news about its replacement: New WiSC partner Brad Johnson along with his Post & Beam Hospitality Group will open Willie Jane, named after Johnson's 100-year-old Georgia auntie. And, yes, that means Govind Armstrong is on board with his take on low-country Southern coastal cuisine, along with bourbon-spiked cocktails from bar manager Phuong Tran. Renovations are happening as we speak, so look for Willie Jane mid-month.

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