3/20/2013 03:01:00 PM

Get Ready for the Year of the Burger Chain; More Patty Purveyors En Route

Get ready for BurgerFi and several other burger chains to invade the SF Bay
It looks like 2013 is shaping up to be The Year of the Burger, or at least The Year of the Burger Chain. To wit, the iconic SoCal chain Umami Burger, which just opened a branch last week in Palo Alto, is on track to open another in Oakland, the Florida-based BurgerFi with 150 franchises just inked a deal to open its first West Coast shop in Napa, the Denver's Smashburger chain has signed five leases in the Bay Area, and even 49-er Hall of Famer-turned entrepreneur Joe Montana just announced intentions to open a burger restaurant in San Francisco. Montana floated that trial balloon to fellow Bay Arean Guy Fieri at a restaurant industry conference earlier this week, though he declined to offer any real details.

With the imminent arrival of these new all-natural oriented In-N-Out interlopers, not to mention our own home-grown chain Super Duper, the relatively new branches of The Counter, Habit Burger and Five Guys (and who knows—maybe even a future branch of Robert Blais’ Flip Burger Boutique?), it looks like there’s no excuse for hitting up a McDonald’s, like ever.


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