3/12/2013 01:56:00 PM

Food Writers Rant About Getting Into New York Restaurants

Good luck getting into Brooklyn Fare
We all know dining out in NYC can be a difficult if not exasperating proposition, and this week two British food writers (well one is American, writing in Britain) in particular have been moaning about just how annoying it is in their respective publications. Yesterday, British GQ contributing editor Michael Wolff writes: "For an adult in the city, restaurants occupy about as much time in a day, and impose as many rules, and create a similar insecurity or nameless rage, as school in the life of a child... In New York, there are no reservations between 7pm and 9pm. Anywhere. Even a dreary spot. None. Call ten places. Call 20. Nothing. Nobody even calls any more. Instead, you call someone who might know someone who, hope against hope, can swing it."

Meanwhile Observer critic Jay Rayner wrote yesterday in a review of London restaurant Cucina Asellina: "Oh my. New York is a superb restaurant city, but only in spite of itself. Restaurant-going there requires commitment and nerves of steel. You have to be prepared to negotiate with front-desk clipboard Nazis who have all the grim implacability of Iranian revolutionary guards looking for promotion, combined with the fake smiles of Miss World contestants waiting to file a killer sexual harassment suit. The bar is always nine deep, tables are so tightly packed you can identify your neighbour's brand of deodorant, music thumps and the waiters love-bomb you in pursuit of their 20%, as if the restaurant were some goggle-eyed cult which you must join."

Will dining out in NYC ever get any easier? Stay tuned right here for a guide on how to crack some of the toughest rezzies in town next week.

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