3/28/2013 10:37:00 AM

First Meal: Nick Macri of Southwark

Photo: Stuart Goldenberg
We’re asking top Philly food folk where they’d take a visitor for their first meal in Philadelphia. Chef Nick Macri at Southwark in Queen Village does great things with locally-sourced charcuterie, but he originally hails from Toronto. We wondered what he’d show off to buddies from the Great White North, and he delivered a straight-up amazing itinerary you'll want to jump on, visitor or not.

Zagat: You have friend visiting from Canada who's never been to Philadelphia before. Where do you take them for their first meal in Philly, and what do you suggest they try there?

Nick Macri: I am going to assume anyone coming to visit me from out of town is going to spend at least one night eating and drinking themselves silly at Southwark. If that's the case I'd spread the next day out with a few stops around town to work off the hangover.

Early Sunday afternoon we'd head over to Cochon for brunch. Gene [Giuffi]’s cooking is probably one of the best hangover cures in the city - an excellent way to lay a base for a long day of eating and drinking. You can't really go wrong with anything on the menu, but Eggs Cochon is my usual go to.

Taking a walk into Center City to get gelato at Capogiro would be next on the list, followed by some glasses of wine at Tria. Heading back towards Old City I would definitely bring guests to Fork for some light snacks at the bar, and more wine. Aside from what is going on in the kitchen right now with Eli [Kulp], what Ellen [Yin] has managed to maintain, reinvent and adapt over the past 15 years is nothing short of amazing. That alone is reason to visit and maybe all the different bread everyone is super excited about, too.

After that another bar stop at Zahav to visit one of Philly's best beverage professionals, Brian Kane, for a cocktail and some off-the-beaten-path obscure varietal wine to go with Turkish hummus, salatim and two orders of the kibbe naya.

At this point its late and we're sick of wine and my guests are craving one of the things Philly has better than any other city I've been to, and that is beer! We would spend the late hours drinking craft beer at the South Philadelphia Tap Room, and if by some chance we were still hungry, rib-eye cheesesteak sliders and wild boar tacos are available until 1 AM.


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