3/07/2013 09:45:00 AM

First Look: Tørst Toasts To Its Opening in Greenpoint

What do you get when you combine a homeless brewer, an acclaimed chef, and a crowd of Warby Parker models in one room? Either a scene from season three, episode six of Girls or Tørst, a new watering hole sure to make waves with Lena Dunham obsessives.

While the restaurant world is abuzz with rumors that never seem to come true, the collaboration between chef Dan Burns and brewer Jeppe Jarnit—Bjergsø which was hinted at back in November became a reality with this spot's debut. It's a “beer bar” that would make even the most hardcore oenophiles – and old school Greenpoint residents – trade in their respective Malbecs and Zywiecs for a taste of something new. The space itself mirrors refined yet still rustic image that craft beer is courting today: the room is intimate and artistic but it's still someplace where you can wear your best flannel shirt and ski hat.

Burns, who gleefully greeted attendees with bowls of warm rye bread and charcuterie plates in the restaurant portion of the space known as Luksus, was clearly stoked to have his first solo effort up and running. “Help yourself” was the message he relayed to his guests standing by the counter peering into the open kitchen while he cranked out plate after plate of what could likely be main fixtures of his upcoming menu (the 25-seat restaurant space will launch sometime in late spring or early summer).

 While they're waiting for the grub to come, craft beer connoisseurs can dive in to Jarnit—Bjergsø’s brew selections, which have something for every taste bud. We're pretty sure we detected at certain points chocolate, berries, and possibly pine tree in one label, though once the place got packed our conversation with the bartender went from “We're looking for something a bit spicy with hints of vanilla” to “Number 5 please” using only our hand (Each beer has a designated number next to it with the beers getting a bit more “intense” as the numbers get higher). Tørst Front Room, a barleywine style beer, may be the best choice for closet beer nerds having a hard time letting go of their grapes.

Tørst translates to “thirst” and Luksus to “luxury”. If anyone knows how to say “We Swear We’ll Be Outta Here by Eleven” using one sleek Danish word, we're hoping it will convince the landlord to let them turn the  backyard space that's currently unoccupied into a nice little beer garden. Until then, it's unique brews and flannel shirts indoors at 615 Manhattan Ave.


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