3/21/2013 02:00:00 PM

First Look: Eating Pizza in a Log Cabin at Homeslice

Chicago has run out of restaurant themes, we’re calling it after last week’s surge of absurdly themed bars (dog, wrestling, time zone). Now, Lincoln Park is the proud owner of a log cabin meets 1970s disco pizzeria. But hold the phone, it’s kind of beautiful with custom logs shipped in from Oregon and tables made from slices of 200-year-old trees. We could do without the metal curtain and shimmery copper sequins behind the bar, but the floor and walls of the bathroom covered in thousands of pennies were an excessive yet interesting touch.

This is Homeslice, and is the work of co-owners Josh Iachelli, a former manager of Keefer’s, and Clay Hamilton, a general contractor. They serve pizza in a log cabin. The pizza is a west coast style – thin yet fluffy crust with a nice chew and creative toppings. The restaurant celebrates in grand opening tomorrow, but we got a peek at the menu and a few of the delectable dishes being served on the heavy wooden high tops.

936 W. Webster St.; 312-789-4600


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