3/07/2013 03:50:00 PM

Eveleigh's Sibling Goldie's Debuts on West Third Today

Earthy/Photo: Eater
There are pop-ups that don't want to be pop-ups, and now restaurants that serve seasonal, local ingredients that don't want to be called farm-to-table. We get it; labels are tiresome. But Goldie's, the new West Third Street restaurant from Eveleigh's Nick Mathers, does have penchant for locally sourced produce and housemade ingredients. The restaurant opens today for lunch serving, according to Eater, "simple sounding dishes with a bit more backstory." Meaning: Bircher Muesli with fruit, almonds and housemade yogurt; grilled baby leeks with taleggio fonduta; avocado toast; and hand-cut tagliatelle with Dungeness crab and lemon. The website claims chef Thomas Lim cooks using "primitive techniques with a heavy influence using coal and wood." So...with fire? Dinner will begin soon.

The restaurant lives in the former Chado Tea Room space, which was completely gutted and redesigned according to Mathers' vision. Some of Chado was repurposed and used in the room, but for the most part its unrecognizable, starting with the living wall and garden patio out front. Inside it's a lot of wood, mid-century looking chairs, a few spurts of earthy green tones. We particularly like the large numbers on the tables, which hopefully means no server can screw up table five's dinner for table four's. Once things get rolling, cocktails come courtesy of a former ink. bartender, and there will be lots of juicing. Plans are to keep the restaurant open for breakfast through late-night, as well as weekend brunch.

8422 W. Third St.; 323-677-2470


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