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Eat This, Do This, Read This: Philly Weekend Planner, March 8-10

Spring is so close you can almost taste it. Pair that taste with the flavors of a Mexican breakfast pizza, bagel spaetzle, microbrewed beer and locally-churned ice cream - all components of culinarily perfect Philadelphia weekend. You could follow that up with some carefully cooked canned foods, but you might want to hold off on the Cheetos after perusing our picks for good weekend reads.

Eat This

Breakfast Tlyuda at La Calaca Feliz
This Fairmount cantina is putting a twist on that Sunday morning favorite (in our house, anyway) of pizza for breakfast. New on the brunch menu is this tlyuda (Mexican flatbread), which is topped with bacon collard greens, poblano peppers, yam purée and Oaxaca cheese. Pair it with a Bloody Maria and end your weekend on a high note ($10; 11 AM-2 PM; 215-787-9930).

Bagel Spaetzle at Supper
Mitch Prensky has revamped the menu at his South Street New American, and one of the main additions is a section that focuses on grains. The bagel spaetzle is appropriately paired with house-smoked salmon, plus crisp salmon skin, cabbage, caraway and roe. It’s available in either appetizer ($17) or entree portion ($22; 215-592-8180).

Do This

Round Guys Brewing Grand Opening Party
Though Scott Rudich and Rich DiLiberto have been putting out brews since last April, and even serving up with snacks at their Lansdale brewpub, the brewery has not yet officially launched. That will all change this weekend with an all-day party on Saturday. From noon-close, you’ll find food and beer specials, prizes, giveaways and, starting at 8 PM, live music. After the celebration, the brewpub will have a full food menu and be open seven days a week (215-368-2640).

Second Annual Frankford Avenue Freeze-Out
To celebrate the start of daylight saving time, Little Baby’s Ice Cream is hosting a rock ‘n’ roll ice cream party at Johnny Brenda’s on Sunday. Your $12 admission includes a night full of live music and free ice cream, plus opportunity to participate in fun raffles and drink great craft beer. It all starts at 7 PM. Spring is coming!

Read This

Age Your Canned Goods
Food science writer Harold McGee has a piece in the most recent edition of David Chang’s Lucky Peach magazine, and happily Slate has reproduced it online. McGee thinks you should braise your canned tuna (in the can) to make it better. No, really. We’ll let him take it from there.

The Extraordinary Science of Addictive Junk Food
At the New York Times, investigative reporter Michael Moss gets deep into the junk food industry. He ends up finding many similarities to the tobacco industry, including the addictive quality of its products. This is a long one, but probably a pretty important read.


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