3/14/2013 02:06:00 PM

Eat Pie for National Pi(e) Day!

Brite Spot's banana cream pie goodness
We don't really need a reason to eat pie, but since today is National Pi(e) Day - because it's March 13, you know, 3.14 = pi - we will eat pie into infinity! And we have no shortage of great pie in Los Angeles, from the fruit-filled hand pies at The Village Bakery (today it's cherry, apple or berry) or Bittersweet Treats (pear-ginger), to the sweet and savory pies at The Pie Hole, or mini pies at Euro Pane, Short Cake or Huckleberry.

Magnolia Bakery has icebox pies. Semi Sweet Bakery has "pocket tarts," which are basically little hand pies. You can eat Apple Pan's banana cream pie, Clementine's key lime pie, or buy a whole pecan pie at Susina Bakery.

And today only, you can get a slice of pie for only $3.14 at the Brite Spot, including this one. The equation really should read: 3.14 = pi = piepiepiepiepiepie...


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