3/15/2013 05:06:00 PM

DIY St. Patrick’s Day

Green river not required
Craving Irish breakfast and green beer without dealing with belligerent twenty-somethings? Correction, this is Chicago and getting inappropriately wasted in not reserved for the younger sect. Here is a recipe for the perfect St. Patrick’s Day at home. Start with a trip to The Butcher & Larder where they will have a whole display-case full of Irish specialties. Premade Irish breakfast packages contain black pudding, white pudding, rashers, Irish sausages and freshly baked soda bread. It will also offer green chorizo, Guinness and cheddar links as well as Jameson breakfast patties to-go. Once you return with some meaty goodness, pull up this lesson in green beer making from ManBQue. Voila, consider St. Patrick’s Day accomplished.


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