3/06/2013 04:22:00 PM

Create an Empanada for Cuba Libre

National Empanada Day is just over a month away, and since we no longer have Pat Cancelliere’s 943 to satisfy empanada cravings, it can’t get here soon enough. In April, Cuba Libre will come to the rescue with a monthlong celebration of the flaky stuffed pastries. First, however, chef-partner Guillermo Pernot needs to decide what kind to make, and he’s turning to you, the dining public of Philadelphia, for help.

From now through Saturday, March 9, you can submit ideas for your favorite empanada fillings to the Old City restaurant via Facebook or Twitter. The chef will take the top three suggestions and develop recipes, which will again be put to popular vote later in the month. It all culminates in April, when the winning flavor will be available throughout the month. Got several delicious ideas? Send them all in (215-627-0666).


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