3/27/2013 03:58:00 PM

Coming Soon: Domestic, Radler and D.A.S. and an Olive Garden

Rosebud Trattoria now closed
The last thing Chicago needs is another farm-to-table restaurant. Luckily former Rosebud chef Peter Palodimas plans to change the meaning of that overused phrase. However, no amount of innovation will save us from the new Olive Garden scheduled to open this summer. Check out what is on deck in the Chicago restaurant scene.

Corporate chef Peter Balodimas has stepped away from the Rosebud Group, but will remain in control of the kitchen at Rosebud Trattoria. According to DNA Info, the restaurant closed this weekend and Balodimas will convert the space into a “farm-focused” restaurant that pulls ingredients from small farms across the country. Domestic is reported to open this summer.
Radler and D.A.S.
The project from former Vie chef Nate Sears has a location. The restaurant located at 2375 N. Milwaukee Ave., according to The Dish, will feature two German concepts. The first and larger one will serve simple seasonal dishes and go by the name Radler. The smaller space, D.A.S., will serve a select tasting menu a few times a week at a 10-seat communal table.

Olive Garden
Perhaps the only thing Chicago needs less than another farm-to-table joint is an Olive Garden. The restaurant that has five suburban locations secured space in the Kmart parking lot at 3535 West Addison St. Endless soup, salad and breadsticks anyone? Chicago will only have to wait a few more months before gorging on oversized bowls of pasta. The restaurant is scheduled to open this summer.


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