3/07/2013 09:03:00 AM

Coffee Freak Out: Bloomberg Soda Laws May Affect Your Morning Joe

Bloomberg's law banning super-large sodas goes into effect on Tuesday, but we doubt that many people are hoarding 24 ounce Big Gulp cups. Though the impact is likely to be minimal, there may be a riot at your local coffee shop once people realize that they - gasp - have to add sugar to their own beverages. The Times takes a look at an under-reported side of the law, writing on how it will affect the ordering process at your coffee joint. Take a look:

"As with other sugary drinks, coffee cups 16 ounces or smaller are unaffected. But unlike sodas, which will max out at 16 ounces, cups of coffee larger than 16 ounces can still be served as long as the barista adds no more than three to five packets of sugar."

There are plenty of loopholes. Your barista can add fistfuls of artificial sweeteners, you can order a latte and load up on sugar since the rules don't apply to dairy based drinks, or you can just take your large coffee and go to town with the little packets.

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