3/19/2013 09:02:00 AM

Citizens Bank Park Catches a Federal Donuts Stand

There’s something even prettier than Cole Hamels waiting for fans who attend Phillies’ opening day game on April 5. The Insider confirms that Federal Donuts will open a stand at Citizens Bank Park, bringing twice-fried chicken and hot donuts to a shop behind left field. A famous donut robot will be installed, and everything will be made on site (fancies will not be offered, to begin with).

Apparently food directors at Aramark, the company that runs CPB’s concessions, are just as susceptible to the FedNuts’ charm as the rest of Philadelphia, and after just a few visits, asked the partners to come aboard. The ballpark is already known for great food options - it’s consistently been voted tops in the nation - so the gourmet chicken and donuts will be right at home. A good cut, all around.


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