3/29/2013 09:32:00 AM

Chodorow Says That China Grill is Here To Stay (But Maybe at a New Location)

Yesterday, it was reported that Jeffrey Chodorow is in talks with Gordon Ramsay to bring his Las Vegas steak concept to NYC. Grub Street learned that the duo was in talks to have Gordo take over the China Grill space, but today Chodorow writes in to say not so fast. While he does open the possibility that China Grill will move to a new location, he writes in to say the brand is "a New York institution" that intends to be around "for years to come." You can read his full statement below - sounds like whatever happens with Ramsay, the China Grill brand will get a refresh:

"We are currently building the next generation of China Grill on Brickell Avenue in Miami which is significantly larger than the South Beach original and slated to open later this year. The restaurant will debut a new culinary program that retains, yet reinvents, the China Grill classics that have made us one of the world's most well-known restaurants--featuring an extensive dim sum program and signature Peking Duck preparations. It is our intention to introduce this new generation of China Grill to the New York market within the coming year and we have been exploring whether the current location on 53rd Street can accommodate the upgrades necessary within its existing footprint.

While we are considering the possibility of moving from the flagship location at CBS Black Rock and relocating to a new, larger location, no decision has yet been made. With a 25 year legacy, China Grill is a New York institution and we intend to be around for years to come, whether in our current location or somewhere new. We have had discussions with others about possible new locations and about other uses for the current space but any suggestion that we have made such a deal is simply incorrect.”


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