3/27/2013 01:05:00 PM

Chego! Closing on Overland This Week, Moving to Chinatown

It turns out things didn't work out as planned for Roy Choi and the Chego! crew. A few months ago, Choi closed the little strip-mall spot known for messy delicious pork belly bowls and Ooey Gooey Fries (among other things) for repairs/renovations, but opened a Chego! truck to sate the addicted masses. Rumors in the wind were that he'd be moving the restaurant to Chinatown, and it's official, per the Kogi blog: this is the last week for Chego! on the Westside; Saturday, March 30, will be the last day of service, and then they're heading east.

Apparently the crew just couldn't come to a deal with the landlord, but what that means is that Choi is indeed setting up a permanent space in Chinatown, his first for the more eastern part of LA, a very exciting switch for all, including us because now it will be closer. "Same menu for now with a couple Chinatown specials and then we will flow the menu based on how the neighborhood influences us," he tells Squid Ink. "Think lunch specials, soups, and char siu!! It's a big spiritual journey for me."

The location hasn't been completely revealed, but Kogi's Alice Shin (the blogger and video-hound) says it will be in the Far East Plaza. Not too long ago, Choi Instagrammed a photo of this sign asking, "Look for a sign." It looks like a sign that could eventually hold that really happy round-face dude, thumbs-upping the neighborhood, his new home and a lot more Chubby Pork Belly.


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