3/07/2013 03:34:00 PM

Chef Sonya Cote Opens Eden East, a Hyperlocal Eatery at Springdale Farm

A party at Springdale Farm
Chef Sonya Cote is known for her commitment to local eating and creative comfort food at her restaurant Hillside Farmacy and as the first chef at Eastside Showroom. Now Cote is partnering with Springdale Farm to offer a creative American prixe fixe dinner menu at the East Austin farm.

From the press release:
This spring, a new flower will color Austin, Texas' culinary landscape… Eden East is farm to table without ever leaving the farm… Eden East's custom dinner experience will deliver prix fixe, multicourse meals bringing guests into the aura of the farm. Patrons can dine al fresco -- just feet away from where their food was raised -- or inside the cozy confines of a 1920's farmhouse surrounded by an exquisitely decorated pecan orchard.
The design is a collaboration between architect Alan Gonzalez (Papi Tino's) and designer Mickie Spencer (Eastside Showroom, Hillside and Bangers Sausage House and Beer Garden). The restaurant is centered around a 40-foot elm tree and is slated to premiere in April.

755 Springdale Rd.


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