3/18/2013 03:53:00 PM

Burger King Rolls Out LTO Turkey Burger

Image via Burger King
Is fast food going all seasonal menu trendy? Burger King has announced that it will be offering a limited time only turkey burger ($3.99) for Spring only. "Turkey burgers as a category is growing pretty rapidly in the restaurant space," Eric Hirschhorn, head of global innovation for Burger King told AP. As of now, Burger King is the largest major fast-food chain to ever offer a turkey burger, which could be added to the regular menu if it proves popular enough apparently. Also new to the menu will be a new veggie burger, a pina colada smoothie, loaded tater tots (with bacon and cheese) and a bacon-stuffed cheddar burger. Yikes. So much for the health kick? [AP via HuffPo]


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