3/19/2013 09:32:00 AM

Bru Brings a Self-Serve Beer Garden to Midtown Village

This weekend, Chestnut Street just east of Broad will get an infusion of both old-school charm and high-tech progress. Terry Sourias of Finn McCool’s Ale House (and the upstairs Room 12 Lounge) has transformed a former Mitchell & Ness retail shop into Bru Craft & Wurst, adding a spark of life to the block and extending Midtown Village’s hip vibe northward.

Bru is many things: a German restaurant (Striped Bass and Bar Ferdinand alum Matt Buehler is behind the line); a 38-tap beer bar; an internet cafe; and, perhaps most excitingly, a self-serve beer garden with iPad-controlled taps. Check out some more details with photos, and also the preliminary opening menu, below.

Bru Preliminary Opening Menu

Potato and Green Apple Pancakes
horseradish sour cream

Bavarian Pretzels
smoked Emmentaler fondue

Ham and Arugula Salad
Westphalian ham, dry-cured sausage, liverwurst

Smoked Salmon and Watercress Salad
roasted beets, butterbrot, mustard vinaigrette

Pork Meatballs With Sauerkraut

knockwurst, curry ketchup, fries

Zwiebelkuchen (Flatbread)
bacon, apple, Cambozola custard

Charcuterie Plate
Westphalian ham, dry-cured sausage, liverwurst

Cheese Plate
three domestic cheeses

Vegetable Plate
pickled, roasted, raw

Wurst Sandwich (Daily Wursts)
sauerkraut, mustard, potato roll

Roasted Mushroom
Muenster cheese, charred onion, potato roll

Doner Kabob
lamb shoulder, pickles, yogurt sauce, flatbread

Fried Liverwurst
charred onion, mustard, sourdough

Served with sauerkraut, fingerling potatoes, German mustard

Fried Trout
braised romaine, fried egg, anchovy dressing

Roast Chicken
spatzle, charred onion

mushrooms, bacon, sour cream

Roasted Mushrooms
Fries With Curry Ketchup
Spatzle With Charred Onion
German Potato Salad

1316 Chestnut St.; 215-800-1079

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