3/08/2013 12:56:00 PM

Brooklyn Taco Gets a Brooklyn Location (Kind Of)

Despite the name, fans of Brooklyn Taco (aka anyone who's tried their creations) actually have to trek to Manhattan to gorge. Although the well-respected eatery originally had a stand at Artists and Fleas, but now they serve its chipotle’d chicken and other varieties out of the Essex Street Market and at the Hester Street Fair. Well, now residents of the 'Burg don't have to cross the river when they get a chorizo craving.

Not during one evening at least. Donna, a South Williamsburg cocktail bar, will host the taco purveyors on Saturdays from 4 PM until they run out of food (which last time stretched past midnight). You'll be able to enjoy your Mexican grub alongside drink specials if you stop by on the early side - there are shot and beer specials for $5 and $7 cocktails until 7 PM. Donna is located at 27 Broadway and Brooklyn Taco's permanent BK location is at...well, right now we can only dream.


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