3/15/2013 12:00:00 PM

Breaking: Fire Destroys Lillie’s Q (Update)

According to the Chicago Tribune, a fire broke out late Thursdays night at the popular barbeque restaurant, Lillie’s Q. The fire began in the basement and firefighters battled to control the flames until 1 AM. Unfortunately, a source at the restaurant reported that the damage was significant and they will not only close the flagship Bucktown location, but also the recently opened French market outpost indefinitely.

Update: A representative from the restaurant said the fire began near a hot water heater in the basement after Thursday night's service. The fire burned through the restaurant and the apartments upstairs, but nobody was injured. However, one firefighter sustain minor injuries before the flames were extinguished. Still no word on when or if the restaurant will reopen, but according to the restaurant's Facebook page, "We'll be back somewhere, somehow, and someway."


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