3/07/2013 04:49:00 PM

Box Office: Tickets Involving Beer, Cider and Fried Chicken

Off-Color Brewing presents "Mischief," the first pop-up event for the new brewery. The night will introduce collaboration beers with Three Floyds, Haymarket and Metropolitan Brewing. The event takes place at Black Rock on Sunday and tickets cost $40, limit two per person.

Harvest Fest
Free event alert - with booze! Virtue Cider in conjunction with Time Out Chicago are hosting the annual Harvest Celebration. On March 13 at Lincoln Hall, celebrate the season with RedStreak cider. RSVP for the event here.

FEW Kids
Atwood Cafe's executive chef Derek Simcik is calling in a few of his 30-and-under industry friends for a culinary collaboration. All younger than 30…we wonder why this sounds familiar? The tasting menu with FEW Spirits cocktail pairings will feature food from Billy Sunday’s John Vermiglio and drinks from Carriage House’s Sterling Field among others. Tickets for the March 18 dinner cost $75 and 50% of the proceeds will be donated to the Chicago Food Depository (312-368-1900).

Fried Foods
We’ve saved the best for last - a special dinner with the team behind soon-to-open Honey Butter Fried Chicken and chef John Manion at La Sirena Clandestina. The meal will feature what these chefs do best: frying food. The first course is fried smelt, the second course is fried chicken and the third course is cookies. Best meal ever? Perhaps. Tickets for the March 24 dinner cost $55 (312-226-5300).


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