3/22/2013 04:20:00 PM

Bobby Flay Gets Initial Liquor License Approval for Bolo Relaunch Space

Some dreams never die. DNAInfo has it today that the space Bobby Flay is eyeing for the new incarnation of the now-shuttered Bolo, has garnered initial CB2 approval for a liquor license. The new spot will be located at 324 Lafayette Street between E. Houston and Bleecker and will offer 147 seats, cast-iron columns and 22-foot ceilings. Bobby's partner Lawrence Kretchmer tells DNAInfo: "It's Mediterranean-Spanish with an emphasis on Spanish. We'll preserve and highlight the space." In terms of liquor license approval, in that neck of the woods, there's always a few catches. The lengthy list of conditions (four pages) includes stipulations that it must close by 2AM Sunday-Weds and by 1AM on Sunday. Not too shabby. [via GS]


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