3/15/2013 01:06:00 PM

Best Thing We Drank Last Night: Jello Shots at The Meatball Shop

When our friend asked about the daily flavor of jello shots during our inaugural visit to the new Chelsea location of The Meatball Shop, we thought it was a joke. We've never noticed them on the menu before, but sure enough, both the 9th Avenue and Williamsburg branches carry them. Before you shutter with memories of the revolting cherry/vodka ones you took - once you were legal - in college (which tasted more like cough drops than anything), let us assure you that these were actually delicious.

We admit we were a bit dubious at first, but since we love Manhattans, we were down to give them a try. Sure enough, they tasted like the cocktail, perhaps just a tad sweeter, with the noticeable flavors of whisky and sweet vermouth coming through. And the perfect touch? The brandied cherry at the bottom. We won't reveal quite how many we had, but as our companion pointed out, at $3 a pop, you don't feel bad about ordering multiple rounds considering the average price of a cocktail these days...


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