3/15/2013 01:45:00 PM

Best Thing We Ate/Drank Yesterday: Espresso Granita at Caffe Vita

Just as the hot day started to cool down and we needed an afternoon pick-me-up, we found ourselves near the new Caffe Vita coffeehouse in Silver Lake. Serendipitously, really, because we were craving something cold and caffeinated, and the granita is exactly what we needed. You'll see the machines behind the counter constantly twirling frozen sweetened espresso into slushie form, which is hard to resist when temps hit the 80 degree mark.

The baristas layer it with real whipped cream, which comes out of a machine, too, but they mix the cream, a little sweetener and a bit of vanilla in-house. As the whole thing melts, it becomes this really tasty frozen creamy coffee drink. We usually drink coffee black, and although both the coffee and whipped cream are a touch sweet, it's not too much. It's exactly what we were looking for at exactly that moment.


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