3/19/2013 03:00:00 PM

Best Thing We Ate Yesterday: Fish and Chips and Chowder at Malibu Seafood

There is nothing better after a long hike in the Malibu hills than a fried seafood feast. It's all about balance, right? What we love about Malibu Seafood is that it knows exactly what it is and does it well, with great ocean views, to boot. The chowder might not be homemade, but it's still delicious, a perfect antidote to a cloudy and foggy early evening. The fish and chips is exactly as promised, the fish flaky and hot, a nice crispy golden coating. Steamed clams are tender and perfect, not an overcooked one in the bunch.

You may forget napkins before you head up to the picnic tables on the upper level patio (it's the only one shrouded from the chilly foggy breezes this time of year), but someone will probably offer you their extras so you don't have to run back down to the take-out window. This is casual and communal dining at its finest, even more enjoyable when not overrun by beach-going tourists, the tables instead filled with locals just looking for a quick bite and a bowl of steamed mussels.


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