3/06/2013 03:16:00 PM

Best Thing We Ate With Tokimonsta: Pastrami Beef Tongue at A-Frame

Somehow we found ourselves at a table with a bunch of music people at A-Frame last night, all there to listen to a new album by Tokimonsta, aka Jennifer Lee, whose indie electronic/r&b/dance music inspires Roy Choi. That's the story we got anyway: that the two are friends, Lee a fan of Choi's food (food in general), and he's a fan of her music. She told us that they bonded over their mutual love for sul lung tang, a rich oxtail bone soup, at Han Bat in Koreatown, so when it came time to drop her new album, she wanted to throw a "dinner party" for its release at one of his restaurants. Chefs = the new rockstars that rockstars adore.

Choi created a menu that paired various dishes with different tracks, from throwing a mound of peel-and-eat-shrimp and sticky hoisin-glazed ribs on the tables for everyone to dig in with their hands while one of Tokimonsta's more "chaotic" songs played, to the groovier beats backing up lemongrass clam chowder, charred octopus and that addictive beer-can chicken.

Turns out our favorite dish of the night was Lee's too, a new dish that's not even on the menu yet: pastrami-cured beef tongue with onions gribiche and. It was just bright in flavor, the meat having a perfect texture with the herbs and sauce adding just the right balance. It really complemented some of the richer dishes rather well, which made us think: creating a menu is probably a lot like putting an album together. "This whole meal was supposed to be very soulful," Lee said. "Roy just created everything to fit this kind of glove."


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