3/04/2013 03:15:00 PM

Best Thing We Ate This Weekend: Malo's Ground Beef Tacos

You'd think that after nibbling on pork belly, French dips and donuts at LA Weekly's Plate event, we wouldn't be hungry for days. And yet somehow the ground beef tacos with pickles were luring us to Malo in Silver Lake for dinner. We all have our favorite neighborhood taqueria or truck for carnitas or al pastor tacos, but the untraditional filling of this genius taco has its place. It reminds us of the crispy shell tacos we had in our high school cafeteria or growing up in the Midwestern, but maybe that's the draw. (We knew nothing of al pastor back then.) The ground beef and pickle combo with lots of shredded orange cheese is super comforting and delicious. A couple of those, some ceviche and a margarita or two set us all straight for the night.


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