3/18/2013 03:16:00 PM

Best Thing We Ate This Weekend: Canele's Giant French Toast

If this were a royal court of French toast, Canele's huge slabs of custardy brioche would surely reign as Queen. It's a gorgeous spectacle of brunch, the pieces at least three- or four-inches high, golden brown from the oven, soft and creamy inside, served with wipe of mascarpone on the plate and sweet poached prunes instead of syrup. Taking a bite of the toast with the cheese and prunes somehow harkens back to cream cheese-and-jelly sandwiches for our childhood, only 1000x more sophisticated.

Canele's brunch is consistently one of the best in town, whether you get the French toast, or the lamb hash, a hearty dish topped with a beautiful golden fried egg and harissa creme fraiche on the side, the thick fried chicken sandwich with pickled green tomatoes, or even a simple omelet. Saturdays prove to be a little less chaotic at the Atwater Village restaurant than Sundays, unless that was just this weekend when it was only a 10 minute wait vs. an hour. Still, no matter how long we wait, we never ever leave disappointed.

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  1. Great brunch, and good call on Canele's French toast, a modern classic. The only French toast I've found that rivals theirs was at the old A.O.C. (which could very well be a the new A.O.C.).