3/28/2013 09:45:00 AM

Best Thing We Ate This Week: Lamb Ribs at Percy Street Barbecue

We’re finding it hard to stop talking about the revamped menu at Percy Street Barbecue, and we finally dropped by to try the new items firsthand. While the cured egg with pork belly is indeed delicious, we’re calling out the absurdly succulent lamb ribs appetizer as our favorite new dish.

“Yes, they’re tender - so tender I just bit into the bone!” said one diner, already on his third of the trio just seconds after the starter plate landed. There’s a surprising amount of meat around those mini bones, its richness complemented by snappy braised sauerkraut and apples on the side. At $9, there are better bulk values at the South Street spot - get a hefty pulled pork sandwich for $10 if you’re starving - but for flavor, these ribs may be your best bet (215-625-8510).


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