3/07/2013 09:28:00 AM

Best Thing We Ate Last Night: Scallion and Squid Pancake at Hanjan

Chef Hooni Kim's Hell's Kitchen Korean Danji has a new Flatiron offshoot called Hanjan, in case you hadn't heard, that's tucked away on W. 26th Street across from Maysville. We finally made it down there last night and were pleasantly surprised to find much more space than the uptown spot and a larger menu - this new venture is supposed to be more of a Korean "joomak" which is essentially like a Korean gastropub. The menu is divided into two sections - traditional and modern - and offers an array of small plates along these lines; there's also a section of skewers that includes bbq galbi on a stick and chicken and pork varieties.

Of all the plates we sampled our favorite was the squid and scallion pancake (pajeon) which was almost like a giant veggie tempura -  bits of veg and squid were all melded together by batter and fried as one big piece. The squid was tender and cooked perfectly and the green onions were mellow and a bit sweet thanks to the frying process. A soy-based dipping sauce made for the perfect salty bite. Hanjan is located at 36 W. 26th Street; while this is primarily a walk-in restaurant, reservations can be made from 2PM-6PM from Mon-Sat.


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