3/25/2013 02:18:00 PM

Best Thing We Ate: Biscuits and Gravy (and Bacon) at Salt's Cure

Even if you're not from the South, biscuits and gravy are just so darn good. We can't help but order them when on a menu, especially if it's at a place like Salt's Cure. We've had the biscuits from Zak Walters and Chris Phelp's other spot, Storefront in Los Feliz, so we know they're good. And we've had the house-made sausage. So biscuits and a rich sausage gravy for a West Hollywood weekend brunch? Sold.

Everyone has a biscuit preference, and we're in the soft and fluffy camp, so these fit the bill. The gravy, made from sausage and herbs and spices (even Old Bay), is rich but not too much so, just creamy and flavorful. We like our biscuits topped with scrambled eggs (obviously), and although the gravy is meaty enough, we had to order bacon on the side because it's not always offered as a side. The house-cured stuff these guys are known for isn't smoky, just wonderfully porky. It's a breakfast of champions; better yet, a brunch for champions of napping, because that's all you'll want to do after this plate.


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