3/08/2013 05:45:00 PM

Belly Wine Bar Introduces Fondue and Lamb Feasts for Groups

Belly Wine Bar

If you and your buds are looking for an excuse to get together, Belly Wine Bar in Cambridge has put together two special menus to lure you in. Now through May, via reservations only, you can opt for a casual night around fondue or the more serious meal that involves lamb.

Fondue is hot. This one is fun. Dunk Brussels sprouts, EVOO roasted potatoes, grilled focaccia, endive and apples into a gooey bowl of Spring Brook Farm Reading Raclette, emmentaler and gruyere. If you lose an item, you can compete; the first one who finds it gets a glass of wine on the group (we made up this last bit). Reservations are available for groups of 2-6 people, daily from 5:15-10:15 PM ($14 per person).

For a whole-animal experience, let chef Robert Grant present his Sardinian lamb feast, a four-course meal that includes sticky glazed short ribs, and whole wood-roasted leg of lamb. Allow 48 hours notice for reservations, which are available for groups of 4-12 people ($62 per person). For reservations, call 617-494-0968.


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