3/04/2013 08:33:00 AM

Bartending Legend Brings Free Booze to Franklin Mortgage Tonight

Here’s one to make Monday hurt less. This evening, nationally recognized bartender Jim Meehan will bring his pal Ricky Gonzalez to The Franklin Mortgage & Investment Co. for a guest turn behind the stick. From 8 PM-midnight, all drinks they make using Diageo brand products will be on the house - as in free.

What kind of spirits can you expect? Diageo makes nearly 60 different liquors, including Bulleit, Crown Royal, Pimm’s, Tanqueray, Hennessy, Johnnie Walker and a ton more. Head over to Rittenhouse to meet The Franklin’s guests and sip some gratis goods (267-467-3277).

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  1. Went to Franklin Mortgage based on this article, and Diageo drinks were definitely not free. Am curious who tipped you guys off to this story. At the bar, the staff said Diageo made the promise of free drinks, in which case Diageo should be required to honor this promise. At the same time though, Franklin Mortgage certainly didn't warn people that the offer wasn't being honored.