3/07/2013 03:47:00 PM

Barren Hill Tavern Opening in Former General Lafayette Inn

Thanks to a tip from Joe Sixpack, we were able to confirm that the historic building formerly known as the General Lafayette Inn & Brewery will find new life as the Barren Hill Tavern. Erin and Scott Wallace have purchased the large structure and adjoining guest house in Layfayette Hill, just west of Mt. Airy. A rep tells us to expect a late summer opening,“or maybe a bit earlier.”

Like the couple’s other establishments - Devil’s Den in South Philly and Old Eagle Tavern in Manayunk - Barren Hill Tavern will have an craft beer focus. Joe Sixpack (aka Don Russell) reports the brewery will be restarted and aims to produce half a dozen house beers, supplemented by a large list of other brews.

Barren Hill was the original name for the area, an elevated headland on which the building sits, and it was a key location during the Revolutionary War. General Lafayette successfully defended an encampment on the hill, and may have even used the inn as headquarters before joining George Washington on the march out from Valley Forge. When the new brewpub opens, you’ll be able to throw back beers in the very same spot as these soldiers did.

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  1. Just (3 towns and 4 miles) west of Mt Airy...