3/22/2013 02:08:00 PM

Bahooka's Tiki Decor Goes to Clifton's Cafeteria Downtown

There was such an uproar on the Bahooka Facebook page earlier this week when the family decided to pull the plug on selling all the tikis, boats and artifacts at the last minute. "I was driving down Rosemead Blvd. right now and pulled over to double check FB. Bummer. I really was looking forward to a parrot," said one of the nicer commenters. But while the staff offered no more info on why the sale wasn't happening, others guessed that maybe someone bought the whole lot. Turns out that's true, and it will all live on in another dining institution in Downtown LA.

According to LA Mag's Chris Nichols, Andrew Meieran, owner of the Edison who's rebuilding Clifton's Cafeteria, bought all of the marquee items to decorate Clifton's tiki floor. "We'll have the tikis, the gas pumps, the canoes. The diving helmet is a beautiful thing," says Meieran. "We're taking a little Southern California legend and fusing it into the Clifton's legacy. We're losing one and somehow it's all coming back together."

Bahooka closed on March 9 and fans of the 46-year-old restaurant waited up to four hours on the final weekend. Luckily, we found a moment of relative calm to have our last flaming drink and say goodbye to Ruffus. Look for the new Clifton's to reopen, and Bahooka to be reborn, by Christmas.

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  1. Where's Ruffus going to go? He needs to get out of there before the new owners step in!