3/07/2013 10:14:00 AM

Ask the Austin Zagat Blogger: What's in a Breakfast Taco?

Eating out in our fair city raises all sorts of burning questions. Is it okay to take a date to a food trailer? Yay or nay on cargo shorts at Uchiko? Then there are the more general questions we’ve always wondered but been too afraid to ask. Are you allowed to eat garnish? Who pays for that extra appetizer?

That’s where I come in, your trusty Austin Zagat blogger, Megan Giller. Ask me anything your heart desires in the comments section below, and I’ll give you my honest opinion.

This week a visitor for SXSW asked me, What's the deal with breakfast tacos?

The rest of the country may have breakfast burritos, but we know better. If Mexican Martinis are the official drink of Austin, breakfast tacos are the official food. In fact, Austinites are so serious about them that there’s even a book coming out.

The most important ingredient is always the egg, and typically the tacos include others ingredients like potato, cheese, bacon, chorizo and black beans. Newfangled versions also feature foods like avocado and spinach, and then there’s the standard migas taco, which is hard to beat. Anthony Bourdain likes his with chorizo and egg, and Aaron Franklin orders bacon, potato and egg.

All of those tasty ingredients are wrapped in a thick flour tortilla, which holds in the spicy red or green salsa or, if you’re lucky, the bright green jalapeño doña sauce. No matter which salsa you choose, these torpedoes will hold you through most of the day, until it’s time for barbecue.

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