3/21/2013 03:30:00 PM

Announcing Cleetus Friedman, Check, Please! Finalist and New Fountainhead Chef

Photo by Christina Noel Photography
The contest for best week ever ended yesterday when former City Provisions chef and owner, Cleetus Friedman, not only snagged a spot as one of the Check! Please final 17 host contenders, but also took over the kitchen a restaurant and beer bar Fountainhead. Friedman will revamp the current menu of elevated bar food to include more local and sustainable ingredients, true to his philosophy at City Provisions. The menu changes will impact menus in the dinning room, bar and on the rooftop beer garden. "Fountainhead is a perfect fit for me," Friedman said in an official statement. "This is an opportunity for me to do all the things I am passionate about with food and beverage under one roof! I have been a fan and a regular customer since Fountainhead opened. I am thrilled that I will get to put my stamp on the menu and do what I do best--pair good food and good drink. Plus, I stay in Ravenswood!"


  1. So happy to hear you'll be staying in Ravenswood, Cleetus. I love Fountainhead and know the kitchen will be in good hands with you!

  2. As one of your biggest fans, I'm thrilled that Fountainhead has named you to take charge of their menu and kitchen. They have chosen wisely.

  3. I'm ESPECIALLY delighted as a HUGE fan of Cleetus and perpetually disappointed with the food at Fountainhead!