3/14/2013 09:02:00 AM

American Sardine Bar Sandwiches Coming to Ultimo Coffee

Chef Scott Schroeder is a self-proclaimed sandwich artist, and the popularity of the all-sando menu at American Sardine Bar in Point Breeze proves he knows what he’s talking about. Starting tomorrow, March 15, his creations will be available to grab and go at both the Newbold and Graduate Hospital locations of Ultimo Coffee, one of our picks for the top cups of coffee in Philly.

The original location of Ultimo is right across the street from Schroeder’s other kitchen, the South Philadelphia Tap Room, and he provided a few sandwiches for Aaron and Elizabeth Ultimo when the coffee shop first opened. “We're pretty good friends and it came up so we just decided to do it,” he tells us.

Look for three kinds of sandwiches for sale on any given day, in meat, vegetable and vegan options, each priced around $8 or so.

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