3/19/2013 03:54:00 PM

Airlines Test Lie-Flat Seats on Domestic Flights

Photo courtesy of United Airlines.
Anyone who's ever had the pleasure of a first-class overseas flight knows that a lie-flat seat can be the difference between arriving either well-rested or homicidally cranky. Now Delta, American and United have decided to test out the seats on domestic routes like New York to LA or San Francisco, according to USA Today. United on Monday unveiled their new business class cabin, adding WiFi, in-seat power and USB ports to the cozier seating option. Delta's lie-flat seats should take flight by the end of the month with American following suit this fall. Looking for the ultimate snoozefest? Book a biz-class flight on Delta this summer, when the airline plans to add Westin's famous Heavenly Bed pillows and comforters to the new lie-flat seats on many planes.


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