3/29/2013 09:15:00 AM

What Will Space Travel Really Be Like?

Rendering courtesy of Virgin Galactic
As widespread space travel gets closer to being a reality (Virgin Galactic hopes to launch flights by 2014, according to Wired), intergalactic tourism has morphed from sci-fi daydreams to nuts and bolts reality. That’s why we love the piece that The Guardian published imagining what future space tourists will complain about. Why should you tip the guy carrying your bags when gravity differences make them so much lighter? And if water boils differently in space, will I still be able to get a decent cup of coffee? Does this spacesuit make me look fat? Sure these concerns are a long way down the road—the first Virgin Galactic flights will likely spend only four minutes in actual space—but griping about the inconveniences makes it feel much closer to reality for your average citizen than the $200,000 price tag does.


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