3/19/2013 04:57:00 PM

8 NYC Beer Bars to Try Right Now

As March goes out like a lamb, it brings with it warmer weather, a riled-up college basketball tournament and a seemingly unquenchable thirst for beer. Note the word "seemingly." We've paid close attention to the past six months of brew-soaked openings and found a lot to like in the NYC bar scene. From massive halls with communal tables to smaller neighborhood joints with a solid selection of drafts, here's where you can head when you need a brewski or five.

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  1. Nice list James. The beer revolution has been enjoyable to say the least. Die Koelner Bierhalle is great fun especially if you enjoy a good wurst.

    My second favorite trend to the beer craze has to be the Bourbon uprising. Have a list? Might I suggest Char No. 4 and the Flatiron Room?