3/26/2013 05:14:00 PM

7 Spots for Down-and-Dirty, Finger-Licking Foods

Where to tear it up
There are times for getting dressed up for a sophisticated meal at a beautifully set linen-topped table with gorgeous flowers, perfect cutlery and crystal glasses. And then there are days when you just want to get down and dirty with your food: piles of shrimp or crab or fried chicken are thrown on the table, utensils are optional (if even existent) and there's nothing but remnants left behind once the storm passes. That, friends, is everyday dining, and we've got it in spades around LA. Take a look at the slide show for some the messiest hands-on dining in town, and let us know your favorites in the comments.

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  1. Too bad Americans choose to eat like PIGS! - both in "practice" and amounts. This is disgusting. I already avoid
    buffets AND/OR all you can eat joints, because all I see are a bunch of pig snouts as customers and it sickens me. The majority, if not all, are grossly over weight and have no need to fill their greedy guts for days.