3/19/2013 10:00:00 AM

5 Must-Visit Berlin Beer Gardens

Although Germany’s southern region of Bavaria tends to rule the roost when it comes to beer, the capital city of Berlin manages to deliver some good pours. With warmer weather in the forecast, a Biergarten visit is a necessity – whether you’re an Ausl√§nder, newcomer, or tourist, there are a number of spots that can quench your thirst and curb your craving for traditional German fare of Bratwurst or Schnitzel. Our selection of five Biergartens will take you across the once-torn city – from Turkish-dominated neighborhood of Neuk√∂lln to South’s Berlin’s Treptower Park (Soviet War Memorial) to the outside of the city in scenic Wannaee – giving you a dose of the city’s intriguing history as you enjoy your quintessential Berlin tipple.

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