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5 Gourmet Seders to Celebrate Passover

Chicago q brisket (disregard the bread)

Long story short – back in the good ole’ days of the Book of Exodus, the Jews were enslaved in Egypt. Some frogs, locust and blood in the water showed up that made the evil Pharaoh not very happy. He let the Jews escape, but only if they got out of Egypt real quick - so quickly that dough for bread did not have time to rise and they invented matzo. Then a guy named Moses split the Red Sea and the Israelites made it to safety. Now, people of the Jewish faith honor the hard journey their ancestors made by eating unleavened bread and other kosher for Passover foods for a week. Everyone caught up? Good, here are five Chicago restaurants celebrating Passover.

The three-course Passover Seder with a French twist comes with a choice of dishes for each course. Start with housemade chicken liver mouse or Amish chicken broth soup, followed by Lake Superior whitefish with crispy skin or glazed prime short ribs. The meal ends with crunchy bittersweet chocolate bars, lemon pie or poached spiced pears. Dinner costs $40.
840 N. Wabash Ave.; 312-944-8400

Chicago q
Celebrate Passover at home with a half-pound and pound of Kobe beer brisket. Starting with Allen Brother's Beef, it is seasoned with signature rubs and smoked in-house over white oak and cherry woods. Brisket is available from Match 25 to April 2 for $15.75 per half pound or $29.75 per pound.
1160 N. Dearborn St.; 312-642-1160‬

Intercontinental Hotel
Join chef Rick Tramonto on Friday, March 22 at 6:30 PM for a Passover Seder banquet. Chef Tramonto will work with the hotel's culinary team to create four-course menu that not only follows includes elevated Passover offerings but will share an education look into the traditions of the Seder. The dinner costs $80 per person.
505 N. Michigan Ave.; 312-944-4100

Mon Ami Gabi
Go gourmet with a Seder plate that features artisan matzo crackers as well as matzo ball soup, homemade gefilte fish, vegetarian chopped liver and chopped liver with eggs and onion. It may sounds like the labels in the Kosher aisle of the grocery store, but it will taste much better. The multi-course menu also includes braised brisket and potato latkes. The meal costs $36.95 per person and $15.95 for kids 12 and under. It also offers carry-out platters.
2300 North Lincoln Park W.; 773-348-8886

Riva Crab House
On the first and second night s of Passover, the celebrate the Seder along Navy Pier. The crab house will serve a three-course prix fixe menu that includes matzo ball soup, horseradish crusted walleye and assorted macaroons. The dinner costs $40.
700 E Grand Ave.; 312-644-7482


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