3/26/2013 04:48:00 PM

5 Best Waterfront Restaurants in SF to Watch the Bay Lights

Photo: Lucas Saugen
Have you caught the “Bay Lights” show yet? It’s been a couple of weeks since the debut of artist Leo Villareal's mesmerizing computer-generated LED installation on the Bay Bridge that transforms the bridge into a nightly screensaverlike light show, but the performance resumes nightly starting at dusk (though it's programmed never to repeat the same pattern twice) and will be on display until 2015. There are loads of spots along the Embarcadero’s pedestrian walkway to take it all in, but why not turn the whole affair into dinner and a show? Take note: Not every Embarcadero-fronting restaurant offers great vistas of the bridge. Many have views obstructed by piers, bunkers and docked ferryboats. To catch the bright lights, check out these five great Embarcadero restaurants whose views just got ridiculously better.

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  1. How can anyone have any faith in Zagat when they write and edit an article like this that do not mention the restaurant with the best view of the light show : THE WATERFRONT - A two story gem with window looking right at the bridge.