3/27/2013 03:02:00 PM

30 Under 30 Chicago: Hangover Cures

Yes, usually hangovers happen the day after you drink a lot, but given how epic Monday night's party was, we suspect that a few guests are still probably hurting. Here to help are our 30 Under 30 Honorees, who have graciously shared their cures for getting rid of any pain from boozy mistakes. Have any to add or have you tested these out? Tell us in the comments.

William Anderson, Vie: "My go-to hangover cure is jumping rope for as long as I can stand it. Then it's hot shower with a cold Topo Chico and a shot of dill pickle juice. Piddle-paddle, back in the saddle!"

Alexandra Barton, Spiaggia: "A walk to Jamba Juice for something with a little bit of potassium"

Thomas Elliott Bowman, Baume & Brix: "At the end of your night head to Phil's Last Stand, order an Ooey Gooey with a side of cheese fries. Eat the whole thing if you can stomach it. Step two - grab two Advil, find the biggest cup in your house, fill it with water and slam the whole thing with the two Advil. Now go to bed. You will wake still not feeling anywhere near 100%, but still way better than you would have without steps one and two. Step three - take a long hot shower! The water needs to be as hot as you can possibly stand, and stay in there until the water heater says 'enough.'  The hot water will help rehydrate you and make you sweat to release a lot of the toxins from the night before. You should be able to hop out of the shower at least 3/4-7/8 a real human being."

Aaron Cuschieri, Slurping Turtle: "Haven't had to use it in quite a while due to improved tolerance, but Gatorade and Excedrin."

Thai Dang, Embeya: "It's called chao in Vietnamese, or congee in Chinese. It's remedy for all that ails you. It is eaten for pleasure, when you're sick with a cold or flu, and is a cure for hangovers. It's made of rice, and can be served with different accoutrements. There are so many combinations, each bit can have a different taste."

Katherine Duncan, Katherine Anne's Confections: "Bittersweet chocolate, of course!"

Miranda Elliot, Moto: My hungover brunch drink of choice is a mimosa, minus the orange juice."

Matthew Eversman, OON: "A greasy bacon cheeseburger from Five Guys. In a perfect world, I'd probably pair that up with Bloody Mary from Crosby's Kitchen on Southport."

Sterling Field, Carriage House: "I'm a big fan of a product called Mercy. You drink it at the end of the night. And you wake up feeling great."

Richard Hanaeur, L2O: "Four glasses of water before you go to bed, two shots of Fernet Branca when you wake up. Foolproof."

Abby Kritzler, Boka Group: "Cheese fries!! Kevin and Rob (our owners) tease me about my cheese fry consumption all the time!!"

Michael McAvena, The Publican: First thing is to slam down at least three Advil as soon as possible. Take a hot steamy shower. Next make this simple cocktail -half ginger ale (the more gingery the better), half tonic, then add a dash of Angostura bitters until the drink is brown. If you have time, go to Argyle Street and order pho. If your working later, stick to tea. If not and you feel up to it, get a lillet and drink it on the rocks with your meal. Finally, sleep."

Katrina Michael, Mercadito: ""Truth be told, I am one of the lucky few who actually don't get hangovers (please note that this is not due to lack of effort)! Though my cure for getting my head back in the game after a long night of celebrating is a large McDonalds Orange Hi-C (the stuff that was always in the big coolers at elementary sporting events). One of those, and I have enough sugar to take on any day."
Cody Modeer, Ward Eight: "Either a large order of matzo ball soup from JB's Deli in Andersonville, or a citrusy and delicious Corpse Reviver #2 (.75 oz Northshore 11 Gin, .75 oz lemon juice, .75 oz Curacao, 75 oz Lillet Blanc, Herbsaint Rinse. Shake. Strain. Add a cherry garnish)."

Thomas Mooneyham, The Gage: "I like to lay in bed for an hour or two and just try to get my head right. Eventually, I'll stumble down to my local coffee shop, Star Lounge, and grab a cup of bean juice. I try to eat something somewhat healthy, but definitely spicy, to cut through the regret that is lining my stomach. I have never been one who believes in the hair of the dog. When I'm hungover I hate that dog. Hot shower and off to work..."

Leigh Omilinsky, Café des Architectes and Sofitel "I love a good greasy cheeseburger with a fried egg on it for a hangover. And a coke, which is weird because I never drink soda. And also a Bloody Mary. Followed by a nap."

Bobby Schaffer, Grace: "A pineapple and a glass of Vita Green, which although tastes like pond water, seems to set me right."

Danny Shapiro, Scofflaw: "Coconut water and a long, brisk walk."

Greg Shuff, DryHop Brewers: "Two eggs over easy, hash brown potatoes, sautéed mushrooms, slice of American cheese - all covered in sriracha. And if the hangover is really bad, served with a Saison."

Derek Simcik, Atwood Café: "There are a few I've been privilege of being passed down to me. 1) asparagus prior to going out drinking to help your kidneys with filtering the "magic juice;" 2) bitters and ginger ale; 3) another drink."

Tayla Strader, Bow Truss: "All the liquids I can get my hands on! Chocolate milk, orange juice, coffee and sparkling water!"

John Vermiglio, Billy Sunday: "The best hangover cure starts much the same as my day in the kitchen, gathering my mise en place. A well-enacted evening of debauchery requires the acquisition of a few staple items for me; an orange flavored sports drink, one of my favorite childhood cereals (Honeycomb, Alpha Bits, Cocoa Puffs, etc.) and lots of cold water. Once all mise has been gathered, it's a simple plan of stumbling home, chugging water and eating multiple bowls of cereal until I fall asleep mid-bite. When I wake up, I down a sports drink. Hangover cured, back to work."


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