3/18/2013 02:58:00 PM

15 Must-Try Craft Breweries Around Greater Los Angeles

For a trendsetting city like Los Angeles, the fact that we've been so behind the times on beer is tough to swallow. But today, new microbreweries are popping up all over the Southland, from the Canejo Valley to the OC, all putting out hoppy IPAs, Belgian-style tripels, seasonal saisons, smooth hefeweizens and big, bold porters. Some you've probably heard of before - Craftsman was one of the first in the area, brewing in Pasadena since 1995 - and others so new they're trying to launch and grow via Kickstarter campaigns.

Any way you look at it, LA beer drinkers couldn't be more tickled to tipple homegrown brews at tasting rooms, local bars and restaurants, or at home sipping suds from a growler, can or bottle. Here, 15 craft brewers making a splash on the scene right now and where you can find them. Cheers!

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  1. I know you're just compiling information to try and get readers to this blog, but if you're going to steal information from all the other articles out there about these breweries, at least cite your sources.