3/15/2013 05:31:00 PM

15 Best Restaurants in Venice

Gjelina, as popular as ever
With new hot spots like Superba Snack Bar, Feed Body & Soul, Barnyard and a second outpost of Hostaria del Piccolo, the Venice food scene is more destination-worthy than ever. Of course, anyone living in or near the laid-back beachside city already knew that, and probably talk about it over a glass of rose at Venice Beach Wines. Even if gentrification and rent increases are pushing some favorites out (RIP, Jin Patisserie), there are still a lot of great restaurants along Main Street, Abbot Kinney and Rose Avenue, with more on the way (i.e. Govind Armstrong's Willie Jane). For a primer, here are the top 15 restaurants voted as best in the 2013 Los Angeles/So. California Restaurants Survey. Do you agree? Let us know in the comments!


  1. What about The Terrace on Washington? Great food and ambiance with their outdoor dining. If you like shanks, they have Lamb, veal, and pork. Their vegetable grill is also very good.

  2. While I like these "restaurants" and the overall "character" of Venice, this guide is a "little" "heavy" on the "quotation" marks. What do they have a "quota" or something?

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