3/19/2013 11:04:00 AM

14 Philly Bars for Beer Nerds

Large-format bottles at Local 44; Photo by Danya Henninger
Not a soul living here would dispute that Philadelphia deserves its Philly Beer Week tagline as “America’s best beer-drinking city.” But in a town full of great brews, where do the true beer nerds - guys and gals who know every hop variety and track each one-off collaboration - get their fix? Here are 14 bars where it’s highly likely your drinking mates will be hopsheads, brett-lovers, saison-o-philes, barrel-aged aficionados or all of the above.


  1. Dear Zagat, I was disappointed that The City Tap House was not mentioned. Over 60 beers on tap and very knowledgable and friendly staff about all their beers. I would think they would be rated in top 5 Philly beer bars.

    1. Thanks for the cordiality of your comment. Andy Farrell at City Tap House is definitely one of the most knowledgeable beer dudes in the city, no doubt.

  2. me too, im so sick of beer. i drink mixed drinks only. they all taste different and thats satifactory. people drink beer because its cheaper. beers taste all the same, yuk

  3. All beers taste the same? You have no idea bow silly and uninformed you sound.

    Cost less? There are craft beers, many, which cost more then a mixed drink. Again, uninformed and sounding silly.

    You should maybe hop back in your time machine and head back to the 80's